Real World Data

PharmaMar Foundation recognizes the great potential of Real World Data to drive innovation and improve people's health.

 The PharmaMar Foundation recognizes and deeply values the transformative potential of Real World Data (RWD). These data, collected in real and diverse environments, can offer complementary and enriching insights to the results obtained in controlled clinical trials, especially in areas such as the treatment of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Through the ethical and responsible analysis of RWD, using big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, we can identify useful patterns, evaluate the efficacy of existing treatments and accelerate the discovery and development of new therapeutic solutions.

Despite their immense potential, we are aware of the challenges that exist in terms of quality, safety and governance of RWD. As part of our commitment to this field, in addition to establishing RWD as a strategic priority, the PharmaMar Foundation will organize conferences, workshops, symposia and networking events to foster knowledge generation and advance RWD research and implementation.

Our goal is to generate knowledge that benefits patients and drives innovation in healthcare.

We will soon publish the first initiatives that the PharmaMar Foundation will organize in the Real World Data area.