PharmaMar Foundation created to promote and disseminate science and research

Madrid, 26 June 2023. The PharmaMar Foundation was created as a result of the PharmaMar Group’s commitment to science and research. The purpose of this entity is to promote scientific progress, foster research, medicine, disseminate knowledge and protect marine biodiversity.

The PharmaMar Foundation kicked off its activities today with a conference, in collaboration with the National Association of Health Informers (ANIS), on scientific training on cancer for journalists, given by Dr. Alberto Muñoz, Research Professor at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) at the Institute for Biomedical Research in Madrid (IIBM), one of the country’s leading and most prestigious cancer specialists and Chairman of the HM Hospitales Research Foundation.

The PharmaMar Foundation is chaired by Mr. Jose María Fernández Sousa-Faro, who said that he was “very excited about the creation of this Foundation” and added that “our goal is to improve people’s quality of life through projects in scientific dissemination, scientific research, recognition of outstanding researchers and support for other educational initiatives“.

In addition to the Chairman, the PharmaMar Foundation has a 10-member Board of Trustees as its main management body.

  • José María Fernández Sousa-Faro | Chairman of PharmaMar and Chairman of PharmaMar Foundation
  • Luis Enjuanes Sánchez : Head of the Coronavirus Laboratory – National Center of Biotechnology
  • Jesús Ávila de Grado | Neuroscientist Researcher – CSIC
  • Javier Martín Broto | Oncologist – Institute for Medical Research – Fundación Jiménez Díaz
  • Emiliano Calvo Aller | Director – Clara Campal Integral Oncology Center (START MADRID)
  • Sebastián Cuenca Miranda , Director of PharmaMar Legal Strategy and Secretary of the Board of Trustees of PHARMAMAR FOUNDATION.
  • Elisa Borrego García , Director of Public Affairs PharmaMar
  • Carmen Cuevas Marchante , R&D Director PharmaMar
  • Marian García García González | Country Manager Spain Marketing and Sales PharmaMar
  • Mª Luisa de Francia Caballero : Chief Financial Officer PharmaMar
  • Lara Vadillo Muñoz | PharmaMar Communications Director

The PharmaMar Foundation’s activity plan for 2023 includes the following initiatives:


  • Award of two grants aimed at r-5 residents in small-cell lung cancer and investigators in Phase I clinical trials.
  • Support for the MaNaPro congress, the main scientific congress on natural products of marine origin, which will take place the first week of September in Granada.
  • Studies and support for research initiatives in the area of Real World Data (RWD).


  • Organization of a series of conferences with the participation of internationally renowned speakers.
  • Dissemination of educational videos on different pathologies, to facilitate their knowledge to the general public.
  • Publication of a Dictionary of Oncological Terms.


  • Support for the creation of the specialization in Sarcoma for Hospital Pharmacy at the University of Alcalá.
  • Sponsorship of the eScarcomas application of the Gregorio Marañón Hospital.


  • Convocatory for the Foundation’s annual awards, which in their first convocatory have four categories: Awards for the trajectory in basic and clinical research; Award for the Best Care Service of the Hospitalized COVID Patient and Award for the Best Clinical Case.

For more information about the Foundation and to update or follow up on its activities and calls for proposals, please visit the organization’s website and, of course, its social networks at

About PharmaMar Foundation

The PharmaMar Foundation’s mission is to promote the development of science, scientific research and medicine, and to contribute to the knowledge and defense of marine biodiversity.

In the area of education, we believe it is especially important for society to be aware of the main advances in the field of research and health. To this end, the PharmaMar Foundation has several initiatives that will be developed during 2023, such as our series of scientific conferences, and we collaborate with various institutions and organizations to disseminate information and specialized knowledge in the field of health and science.


For more information:

Lara Vadillo – Director of Communications, PharmaMar Group

Phone: +34 918466000